Having a vision for what you want is not enough. Vision without execution is hallucination.” 

Thomas A. Edison

A skilled facilitator helps a group define where they are today and where they’d like to go.  Mary has 40 years of experience with group facilitation in the areas of strategic planning, change management, team efficiency/team culture, and more. She knows how to keep the discussion moving in a productive direction. Mary is certified in Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking and applies these tools when leading strategy sessions. 

Strategic Planning 

Mary has taken strategic plans from vision to execution as a health care executive. As a facilitator, she has guided many organizations in their strategic planning efforts, helping them generate new ideas, prioritize opportunities and keep moving forward. When groups leave the room, they will have a realistic roadmap integrating their strategic plan into their daily work.

Change Management

As an experienced business leader, Mary has guided teams through change management supporting the impact on people and the organization. She’s been boots on the ground for massive restructures and centralizations. Her knowledge will become your compass. 

Team Dynamics and Culture

Mary is a facilitator of DiSC and uses this tool to improve team dynamics and effectiveness. This assessment helps people understand themselves and how they interact with a team – as well as understand why others might work and communicate differently. Mary helps teams find strategies to work more cohesively as a unit while playing to their work style preferences and strengths. 

Other Tools

Whether it’s using surveys, focus groups, interviews, or a group session, Mary has the unique ability to engage groups to discuss complicated issues and can filter these issues down to realistic, easy-to-understand action steps.

Here’s what people are saying

“We had great engagement – your content was spot on for what our team needs as we move forward on several initiatives.”

“Mary Sand is an extraordinary facilitator and is skilled with groups of high complexity. She has mastered the skills of problem definition, stakeholder identification, and assisting groups to select, implement and measure optimal solutions.”

Get In Touch

Mary offers facilitation in-person or virtually and creates a safe space so that people are comfortable sharing.