Physician Leadership Development

“Physicians are going to look at you sideways if you ask them to align, but if you ask them to be the leaders and determine what the future will look like, they will rise to the challenge.”

Lucy Hammerberg, MD

Mary has devoted many years to developing physician leaders and has designed a physician leadership program for a large health care system. Her work with physician and administrator dyad leaders of clinical service lines provides valuable experience. Mary has helped hundreds of physicians become more efficient, more effective leaders. 

Simply put, she’s worked with physicians in the trenches and understands what makes them tick.

Mary collaborates with health care organizations that want to enhance leadership development opportunities for physicians.  From designing curriculum to facilitating a variety of leadership topics, Mary’s expertise allows health care organizations to fast-track the leadership development pipeline for physicians.

Here’s what people are saying

“We met Mary Sand through a family physician referral in 2022. We invited her to facilitate our Physician Leadership Forum summer of 2022. She was incredibly well-received by our physicians at all stages of their careers. So, it felt like a natural progression after seeing her approach with family physicians for us to seek her out for strategic planning facilitation this year. We just hosted it August 5th and to no surprise Mary was phenomenal!!  She is amazing to work with.”

“Mary Sand is a proven leader in physician development. Her guidance and thoughtful insight have been essential in developing and implementing the physician leadership program for our medical group. We will be forever grateful for her commitment to improving physicians’ understanding of health care systems, mentoring our physician leaders, and equipping them with the skillset to lead where they are.”

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Mary offers physician leadership development to groups or individuals, either in-person or virtually.