Physician Leadership Development

“Physicians are going to look at you sideways if you ask them to align, but if you ask them to be the leaders and determine what the future will look like, they will rise to the challenge.”

Lucy Hammerberg, MD

With many years of leadership development experience and specifically years devoted to physician leadership development, I collaborate with healthcare organizations that want to enhance leadership development opportunities for physicians.  From designing curriculum to facilitating a variety of leadership topics such as change management, communication styles, playing to one’s strengths, and building trust.  My expertise allows healthcare organizations to fast-track the leadership development pipeline for physicians so that physicians not only lead patient care teams they also partner with administration to lead hospitals and healthcare systems.

Most recently, I partnered with physicians and administrators to launch a dyad leadership development program.  My work with dyad leaders of clinical service lines provided valuable experience in designing the curriculum benefiting both physicians and administrators to further enhance their working relationship and communication.


Todd forkel, CEO

I’ve worked with Mary for nearly 10 years.  She is an expert at teaching concepts in a way that engage physicians at a high level.  The outcome is a medical group who are owners which is critical for success in the current healthcare climate.

Jared Friedman, MD, FACEP, Clinical Vice President Emergency Medicine

Mary has a unique ability to engage and interact with physicians and other healthcare professionals to promote change. By achieving high levels of physician engagement and accountability, she is able to drive change throughout physician practices.

Ashley VanDyke, DO, Family Practice Medicine

Dr. Mary Sand has been instrumental in my leadership development. She has given me tools, new skills, confidence and the opportunity to expand my physician leader roles. Also, she is well known as a champion for women leadership and helping all members see this need and value. Both my personal and professional life have been enriched beyond measure through her mentorship.

Kevin Post, DO, Chief Medical Officer

Mary Sand is a proven leader in physician development. Her guidance and thoughtful insight have been essential in developing and implementing the physician leadership program for our medical group. We will be forever grateful for her commitment to improving physician’s understanding of healthcare systems, mentoring our physician leaders, and equipping them with the skillset to lead where they are.

Kate Boos, MD, Family Practice Medicine

Mary has been an integral and influential part of my personal journey in developing my skills as a physician leader. As a mentor, she has helped me to identify strengths, advocate for myself and ultimately achieve my goals.

Luis A. Rojas, MD, FACOG, Clinical Vice President Oncology Service Line

Mary’s leadership development coaching abilities and style have made a difference for many physicians at our institution. Thanks to her coaching I truly understand what “leading by influence” means, and this, among many other teachings have catapulted me as an effective, collaborative and inclusive physician leader. Working with Mary has been a once in a lifetime opportunity I will always cherish and be grateful for.