Implementing Strategy

Having a vision for what you want is not enough. Vision without execution is hallucination.” 

Thomas A. Edison

Leaders and teams often create strategic plans and then struggle with implementation.  The daily demands of operating the business consume everyone’s time, and the actual implementation of the strategy doesn’t occur or is episodic with little momentum.

I partner with teams to embed the strategic work into the daily workflow using structured processes and systems of accountability.  By honoring the culture of the organization, I am able to identify a cadence of action that moves strategy from planning to completion.  This process drives results, achieves goals, and develops solutions.


Mike Elliott, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer

Mary has the rare combination of drive and tenacity to get things done with the leadership skills to bring the team along and build everyone up in the process. She is amazing to work with and a true mentor to myself and my colleagues.

Sara Henderson, Vice President of Supply Chain

When I first entered my position overseeing Supply Chain, Mary Sand conducted a Strategic Planning Session with our leadership group. Mary led through a thought provoking, active environment for our teams to develop a framework of our strategic alignment in the organization. We then built on that planning to propel our group forward together in that same session. That was over 2 year ago and we continue to use that framework today.

Preston Renshaw, MD, Chief Medical Officer Health Insurance

Patrick Lencioni described three key virtues in his book titled “The Ideal Team Player”. Mary Sand is the ideal representation of those virtues. She possesses the hunger and passion to assist the team to get to the heart of the issue; humility, compassion, and empathy to listen and understand the concerns and fears of the group; as well as the creativity and clarity to engage the group in common sense strategies and solutions to solve problems. These are virtues that continue to create meaningful change that organizations are looking for.

Bob Sutton, President & CEO

Mary has an incredible skill set for taking an organization’s strategic plan and implementing the major directives in a manner that gets results. She keeps the goals top of mind, holds leaders accountable, celebrates wins, and identifies the resources needed when goals are falling short. Her expertise is invaluable to any organization with an eye to the future.

Kendra Calhoun, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Communications

Mary is grounded in real world experience and has a proven track record in helping organizations build strategy to guide them through their most challenging enterprise, program and project-level transformations. She is strategic, creative, flexible and dynamic in her approach to help not just to design, but successfully implement change that creates lasting transformation.

Todd Forkel, CEO

I’ve worked with Mary for nearly 10 years. She is outstanding at facilitating and bringing out the best in your teams to hardwire high performance.

Julie Norton, CFO

Mary has a unique ability to engage leadership in discussions that create strategic priorities and then she works with them to effectively implement those strategies. Her work enables an organization to develop a framework for accountability and assists in managing leaders and their teams through change in a positive way.